Download & Install QuantifiedCode CE

Notice: QuantifiedCode CE is currently in alpha, the Docker and Ansible installers are not yet completed. Feel free to download QCD CE and test it using the manual setup process. Please report all issues and problems that you encounter.

There are several ways to install QuantifiedCode CE. For most cases we recommend using the Docker image, as it contains everything you need to install and set up QuantifiedCode. In general, we recommend running QuantifiedCode on a Debian Linux system, preferrably Ubuntu (>=14.04), though it should be possible to install it on different Linux/Unix flavors or even Windows/MacOS.

Github Repositories

We develop all of our public code on Github. QuantifiedCode consists of several individual repositories:

Installation Options

We know that people have different requirements when running QuantifiedCode CE. This is why we provide several installation options:

Docker-Based Installation Great to get started quickly.
Ansible-Based Installation Best fit for more demanding setups.
Manual Installation Great for testing and development/modification.

Getting Help

Currently, QuantifiedCode CE is in alpha, and although we do our best it is possible that you will encounter problems when installing or using it. If you do, please feel free to reach out to us, we will be happy to help you setting up QuantifiedCode CE on your system and we will do our best to answer your questions as fast as possible. We also have a Gitter chatroom where you can get help.

Manual Installation

Finally, you can install QuantifiedCode completely manually, which is useful when experimenting with it, or when developing plugins and extensions. To set up a working environment for QuantifiedCode CE, you will need the following external dependencies:

  • A database instance that QuantifiedCode can connect to.
    We recommend PosgreSQL >= 9.5.
  • A Celery instance that QuantifiedCode can connect to.
    We recommend Celery >= 4.0 with a RabbitMQ backend.

After installing these, you can install QuantifiedCode CE by following these instructions:

Manual Installation
  1. Make sure Python (2.7) and pip are installed on your platform.
  2. Clone the QuantifiedCode repository from Github (and make sure that it is in your Python path):
    git clone
  3. Install the dependencies: #optionally, create a virtual environment
    virtualenv venv

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Run the setup script (which will help you to set up your database and Celery connections):
    python setup
  5. Run the web service and workers:
    python runserver
    #in a different shell
    python runworker

Docker-Based Installation

Coming soon!

Ansible-Based Installation

Coming soon!