Protect Your Codebase.

QuantifiedCode CE is a free, open-source platform for code analysis & automation. It continuously monitors your codebase and gives you a simple, intuitive overview of problems, metrics and insights. It comes with out-of-the-box support for Python, Javascript and Go, and can easily be extended via plugins. QuantifiedCode CE is based on QuantifiedCode, a robust and scalable software used and loved by more than 20.000 developers.

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Open-Source & Free To Use.

QuantifiedCode CE is published under the BSD-3 license, which means you can freely use and modify it in any context, be it for your private projects or within a company. You can easily extend QuantifiedCode with your own analyzers to find new types of issues and generate custom metrics.

Open & Extensible Data Format

Checkmate, the tool which sits at the hearth of our code analysis engine, provides an universal and extensible data model for describing states and changes in a software project. Out-of-the-box it comes with support for the git version control system, but can be easily extended to support other versioning systems such as Mercurial and Subversion.

Flexible API

QuantifiedCode CE provides a fully-featured REST-API through through which you can access all analysis data. This makes it very easy to build integrations into other systems and use QuantifiedCode CE as an automation tool inside your build pipeline.