Write better software. Faster.

Explore your benefits as Developer, Team Lead or Executive


Benefits for Developers

Write better code and learn from best practices
  • Automatically repair code quality issues
  • Continously improve your code quality
  • Deploy fast w/o quality compromise
  • Create code checks for your projects
  • Quality-check each and every commit
  • Get feedback on all your Pull Requests
  • Learn from hundreds of best practices

Benefits for Team Leads

Build and deploy your code faster
  • Automate inefficient maintenance tasks
  • Save time in code reviews
  • Onboard new team members faster
  • Get a neutral view on quality issues
  • Continously decrease technical debt
  • Quality-control 3rd-party code
  • Assure code quality standards

Benefits for Executives

Reduce risks, save costs and go to market faster
  • Eliminate software risks
  • Increase software security
  • Reduce software development cost
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase your go-to-market speed
  • Continously improve product quality
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