Notice: QuantifiedCode will shut down on July 22.

Shutdown of QuantifiedCode

July 08, 2017 written by Andreas Dewes, Category: announcement

Dear users of QuantifiedCode,

last year we announced that we will shut down our service. Due to multiple customer requests we kept the service running until now, however we will finally cease operating QuantifiedCode by July 22. We thank all of you for using our service! Some additional information regarding the shutdown:

Why are we shutting down the service?

Put simply, there is not enough demand to keep the service running in a way that would cover our expenses and allow for meaningful development, which is why we decided to shut it down.

Will there be an open-source version?

If you want to keep using QuantifiedCode after the shutdown, we encourage you to try our open-source version, which we will release shortly afterwards (due to security considerations).

What happens to payed subscriptions?

If you are a paying customer, your subscription will be cancelled automatically and you will no longer be charged. We will also issue a refund for the remaining time within your current billing period (additional electronic invoices will be available on request). We want to thank you for helping us to run and finance this service throughout the last three years!

What happens to stored source code?

All copies of your source code will be securely deleted after the shutdown of the service. This also includes code checking results in our database as well as cached result pages.

What happens to personal data?

Your personal data will be deleted together with the source code after the shutdown of the service (unless we are legally obliged to keep some of it, such as invoice addresses of paying customers). All Github API authorizations will be deleted after the shutdown as well, effectively removing and securely invalidating your access tokens.

Any other questions?

If you have other questions regarding the shutdown of the service, simply reply to this e-mail, we are happy to help.

Published by Andreas Dewes