500+ Code Checks for Python, Javascript, Go, ...

Ensure your code is safe and sound

Automatically identify hundreds of quality, security, performance and maintainability issues in your code. By curating the most comprehensive library of code checks for Python and popular Python frameworks, we ensure that your codes' quality and security increases continuously. Of course, we also detect complex and undocumented code.

Continuous Monitoring of Your Code

Save time in code reviews

QuantifiedCode CE continuously monitors your software projects and automatically detects quality and security issues in your code. It checks every commit to make sure your code stays safe and sound, giving your team a view on problems that everyone can agree on.

Incremental Analyses

Build and Deploy Faster

QuantifiedCode CE intelligently determines which files need to be re-analyzed in a given commit, minimizing analysis time for large projects. This allows you to have a shorter feedback cycle and speed up your CI pipeline.

Git Support

Integrate with Git, Github, Bitbucket in seconds

Analyze code from GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or on your local git server. Please note: Direct integrations for Github will become available in the coming weeks, with Gitlab and Bitbucket following soon after that.