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Automated code repair

Focus on features, not maintenance

Why just find issues, if we can fix them? While existing code reviews and static analysis tools only point out problems, we go all the way and fix quality issues for you. Whenever we find an issue that can be automatically repaired, without changing the logic of your program, you can open a GitHub Pull Request by simply pressing the "magic" button. Learn more

Automated code review

Save time in code reviews

Monitor your software projects continously and automatically detect quality and security issues in your code. QuantifiedCode checks every Commit and every Pull Request, to make sure your code stays safe and sound. We give your team a neutral perspective on code problems and help them fix it, so you can concentrate your code reviews on issues that really matter.

Incremental analysis

Build and deploy your code faster

Speed is king in agile software development: analyze only actual code changes in your Commits and Pull Requests and enjoy a tremendous speed advantage over traditional linters. Speed up your build processes and deploy fast, without compromising on code quality.

Migration patterns

Upgrade your libraries faster

Keep external libraries up to date, to ensure your software projects secure and stable. Migration Patterns give you clear directions how to upgrade your code, for example from Django 1.7 to 1.8. A great time saver, compared to reading release notes and migration tutorials.

Knowledge Base

Onboard faster & learn "on-the-code"

Learn "on-the-code" from hundreds of best practices in our Knowledge Base. For every problem that we detect in your code, you'll get thorough best practice solutions and relevant links to documentation, expert blogs or StackOverflow. This saves you a lot of research time and helps you master Python and Python frameworks much faster.

Code quality