200+ Python code checks

Ensure your code is safe and sound

Automatically identify hundreds of quality, security, performance and maintainability issue in your code. By curating the most comprehensive library of code checks for Python and popular Python frameworks, we ensure that your codes' quality and security increases continuously. Of course, we also detect complex and undocumented code.

Data flow analyses

For code checks, that do go beyond

Dataflow analysis helps you with code archeology and to ensure your libraries are used correctly. Avoid issues before runtime, and detect ...

  • invalid function calls
  • unused code
  • wrong use of attributes/parameters
  • unhandled returns of multiple types
  • type errors by accessing variables with multiple types

Framework checks

Master your favorite frameworks faster

Modern software projects are unthinkable without open source libraries and frameworks. Many of which are complex and take month to master. Our extensive library of code checks for popular Python frameworks like Django, Plone, Tornado, etc., help you avoid quality, performance or security problems. But also, your team will learn these frameworks faster.

Code check editor

Create code checks for your libraries

Adding custom code checks for your own libraries is a game changer: "record" issues you identify in manual reviews. Make your code check instantly available to your team or the entire open source community. No low level programming skill are required: creating a new code check takes only minutes and is as simple as writing a database query.