Say 'Hi' to Cody!

QuantifiedCode is the first code code review platform that actually fixes issues, instead of just reporting them. On request, our code-quality bot 'Cody' delivers you Pull Requests or Patches that automatically fix issues in your code.

How it works

  1. You sign up for free and add your projects
  2. We continously monitor your projects for quality problems
  3. We notify you about any issues
  4. On request, Cody delivers auto-fixes as Pull-Request

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When does Cody fix issues?

    You are in charge! Whenever we find an issues that can be automatically fixed, you can click a button to open a GithHub Pull Request. This lets you review the auto-fixes before merging them into your code base.

  2. How does Cody do this?

    Our code analysis and repair is based on a novel, data-driven code analysis engine. Using data science and graph technology, we are able to automatically identify and repair issues in your code, without changing the functionality of your program.
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  3. What programming languages do you support?

    Python. More languages are on the way. Leave us your email address and we'll keep you posted, once we launch a new programming language.

  4. Do you support PyLint, PEP8, PyFlakes, etc.?

    We don't need to. All our code checks are based on our own code analysis technology. We offer all relevant checks of traditional linters, but we go beyond: with checks for popular frameworks (e.g., Django), data-flow analyses and type inference.
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