These features are currently being integrated into QuantifiedCode CE and will be available soon.


Get actionable insights—immediately

Take immediate action, whenever an issue occurs. Get notified via Email or Slack and fix security, performance or quality problems before they affect your product.

Available notifications:

  • Instant error warnings
  • Daily quality summaries
  • Weekly quality summaries

Github & Gitlab Integration

Deploy healthy code

Healthy code is fundamental to deliver great products. Automatically analyze all your GitHub Pull Requests for quality, performance, maintainability and security issues to ensure your code base stays safe and sound.

Team collaboration

Software quality is a team effort

Add and manage all your collaborators and team members to ensure anyone is on the same page. Adding new collaborators is free by the way—so don't wait to get your team onboarded.

Knowledge Base

Onboard faster & learn "on-the-code"

Learn "on-the-code" from hundreds of best practices in our Knowledge Base. For every problem that we detect in your code, you'll get thorough best practice solutions and relevant links to documentation, expert blogs or StackOverflow. This saves you a lot of research time and helps you master Python and Python frameworks much faster.